Orchestrator Folders


I have a question regarding the folders function. Let me shortly introduce the situation.

We currently have:

  • 1 robot account
  • 1 unnattended Robot License
  • Around 30 automated processes running for multiple departments
  • 1 environment
  • 1 Folder

Now the problem that I have is that I want to have business users only have access to processes of their own department. Now from what I know, this is not possible because every folder needs its own robot license. I have no business case for this because Im not in the situation where I can just give every department its own robot.

Is this true? Or are there recent developments where I can solve my problem with folders? Or are there other solutions that I can use?

I believe this can be achieved using floating robots and modern folders. For an in depth walk through to see if what you need is possible, I recommend watching the videos in this playlist about orchestrator, folder structure and floating bots

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