Modern Folder Orchestrator Admin

Hey. Can someone explain in a sequence, what I need to do in order to do orchestrator admin in mordern folder. My user is admin and has all access rights. In classic mode everything was fine and working. but in the modern folders, everything seems differently:

I only have my notebook and it should run as robot (attended and/or unattended).
Many thanks in advance.

Hi @michael.gerke
I am not sure if you have understood correctly.

With Modern Folder you have to add the user to the folder and also the machine template)

Also, you can’t launch attended robots from the 2020 orchestrator but only unattended.

Does that get you further?

@MarioHerrmann thanks for your answer. trying to understand the following: using modern folders, I can start attended bots by UiPath Assistant and unattended bots by Orchestrator. Where can I set that the published script is for attended or unattended bot? and how can I test or be familiar with the administration of unattended bot?

The job start is first independent of the folder type. With the Modern Folder also the administration by the users was introduced. Thus, when creating users (human with attended / service user with unattended) is distinguished.

With the job start can not be distinguished whether the on an attended or unattended should start, since only unattanded are permitted. With the studio licenses it is a bit more complex.

Maybe the link will help:

Additionally have a look at the platformupdate from 2020.4

and the folder guides

Does that make everything clearer to you?

@MarioHerrmann thanks for your comments and hints…I was able to configure UiPath correctly and I am able to start attended and unattended scripts.

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