Can we assign one Unattended Robot to multiple Modern Folders?

Currently we are using Classic Folders in UiPath Orchestrator 2019.10.18. We want to Update the Orchestrator to 2021.10. In an attempt to see what has changed in the new version of the Orchestrator, we read that the Classic Folders are deprecated and can be eventually rolled out. Release Notes says that the Modern folders should be only utilized for Attended Robots, that means Unattended Robots should be in Classic Folder.

So If Classic Folders are to be eventually removed and to avoid the rework if we move our start using Modern Folders will we be able to use a single Bot to run the processes across multiple modern folders ?

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At the time Modern Folders were first introduced this was true and only Attended type Robots were usable. Since then UiPath has been adding capabilities to Modern Folders including Unattended Robots since 2020.4 or 2020.10.

With 2020.10 when configuring your Triggers/Jobs you could only target a specific User/Credential (Or ANY). Since 2021 you can now target specific User/Credential and a specific Machine/Template (Or ANY for both). Because of this you are no longer really thinking of it as a “Robot” both rather seperate entities of Credentials and Machine.

Modern folders provide more flexibility and convenience compared to Classic Folders both in User Management, Process and other Entity Management.

Also note that Classic folders have been deprecated and it has been known that Modern Folders are the replacement for a couple years. Classic folders are slated to be removed in the 2022.10 Release.

Is the information in the Deprecation timeline incorrect? It says that Classic folders will be deprecated as of October 2022.

I personally don’t have a reason to think it is incorrect. Classic Folders has been in a kind of soft depreciation for a couple years now. 2020.10 saw Modern Folders become the default folder type in new tenants along with a Settings Option to enable Classic Folders that had a note it was deprecated.

Given that the Deprecation timeline document has a section for deprecation and feature removal I would read it as It was announced 2021.10 that Classic Folders will officially be depreciated 2022.10, with a yet to be indicated removal date.

If you are looking for an official statement, best to reach out to Support, @Forum_Staff or your CSM to see if they have a more definitive roadmap and clarity on Deprecation Date and Planned Removal Date, (I imagine the planned removal date hasn’t been indicated as plans are variable as they go through their Beta/Preview builds and insider feedback, ect.)