Orchestrator Mobile - "The server returned no content"

Hi, guys

I tried to log in to Orchestrator Mobile (being outside the company network) using the “Local server” (private URL) method, but when I click Login, the message “The server did not return content” appears:

I tested using an invalid credential to test that my username / password was correct and the message returned made sense because it was what I expected:

Does anyone know what can it be?


Hello @_userdoleandro ,

Since you have orchestrator, I believe you have Enterprise version so you can create a ticket for UiPath support.

At the same time, the URL used is available outside the company network, right?
Or you’re using some VPN solutions?


Hi @wasea

Thanks to response.

I believe that my URL is available outside of my company, because I can do access using Safari Browser, for example. Only App Mobile that don’t working fine.