Orchestrator Mobile - "The server returned no content"

Hi, guys

I tried to log in to Orchestrator Mobile (being outside the company network) using the “Local server” (private URL) method, but when I click Login, the message “The server did not return content” appears:

I tested using an invalid credential to test that my username / password was correct and the message returned made sense because it was what I expected:

Does anyone know what can it be?


Hello @_userdoleandro ,

Since you have orchestrator, I believe you have Enterprise version so you can create a ticket for UiPath support.

At the same time, the URL used is available outside the company network, right?
Or you’re using some VPN solutions?


Hi @wasea

Thanks to response.

I believe that my URL is available outside of my company, because I can do access using Safari Browser, for example. Only App Mobile that don’t working fine.

I am facing an issue with mobile orchestrator, As it is saying not correct URL but I am using same in my VM. Is there any other way? @_userdoleandro @wasea

Hello all.

I managed to solve my problem. Basically, our Orchestrator URL was not allowed in our instance’s security proxy. What we did was put the URL inside the proxy and later the calls were made normally.

Thank you all.

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