In an enterprise envirionment, what is needed to connect to UiPath Orchestrator Mobile to a Orchestrator Server

This is really cool.

We’ll have to do a bit of work to push the app data down the vpn on our corporate phones, as our orchestrator isn’t internet accessible outside our network. Excited to try it out once I get someone to help me with that,


Mr. Johnston,
Per your request, a very short summary has been posted that at a high level may direct you to a solution to gaining access to those locked down Orchestrator Servers.

Connecting UiPath Orchestrator Mobile to locked down Orchestrator Servers (firewall)

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When an Orchestrator Server is locked down, a path from the device Orchestrator Mobile is running on and the Orchestrator Server needs to be created.
There are many approaches to this, and often are very product specific, depending on exactly what technology is used, but in general there are at least three approaches to this:

  1. Directly, the mobile device and the Orchestrator Server are on the same network.
  2. Proxy, the mobile device is granted access to the Orchestrator Server by proxying HTTPS to the Orchestrator Server.
  3. VPN, the mobile device connects to the network via a Corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) that routes the traffic to the network that the Orchestrator Server is located.

You should work with your Network Administrator to make sure your approach meets your requirements and technology.