Cannot connect Orchestrator App to on-premise Orchestrator

Hello guys,

I get the following error when I try to connect the Orchestrator App to our on-premise Orchestrator:
There is something wrong with the URL or wifi connection, please try again.

I’m using:
iPhone 7
iOS 13.3.1
Orchestrator 3.4
corporate VPN

I’ve tried using wifi and LTE. And I’ve checked the URL several times.
What might be the problem? What additional information do you need to help me?

BR Michael

Hi, welcome to the community!
Please check again your Orchestrator version.

Our Orchestrator is 2019.4.4. We hope to update soon
The Orchestrator App is 3.4

BR Michael

Ok, so, you are typing the same URL you do when you are at work and using a browser? If you are outside your work network, thn i might be blocked access… If you also have an community account for personal use, you might want to try with that one instead.

Yes, I do. I was able to access the Orchestrator in Safari browser on my mobile device.
Connecting my community account worked well.

Hi @anon29650737

In most of the work environment they don’t allow to login On-permise server to outside network.

So In this case if you connect your mobile to office wifi connection and check it will work.

Based on your response above, it is not clear to me if you have tested both scenarios

  1. Web Browser and Orchestrator Mobile App can successfully connect to Community Orchestrator ( /
  2. Web Browser can successfully connect to Private Orchestrator installation, but not the Orchestrator Mobile App?

Do I have those two statements correct, or would #2 be incorrect and you cannot connect to your Private installation from neither Web Browser or Mobile App? The mobile application uses https/443 so I would assume both do not work for you.

Depending on clarification as other have suggested I would validate that any Firewall (Network and Software) is configured appropriately as others have suggested.

Out of curiosity as I have never seen the Orchestrator Mobile App, I took the time to to allow it for our development infrastructure before I could reach the the private instance I had to adjust a few things

  • Assign a public IP address that is routable to the private Orchestrator instance. I did this as our VPN is not configured for mobile device, otherwise It would have been a tad simpler.
  • Update Network ACLs to allow incoming connections from my source IP (i.e. my phone’s IP/CIDR block)
  • Update Windows Firewall to allow HTTPS/443 from additional sources
  • Bind IIS UiPath Orchestrator Site to listen to the new DNS / IP Address

After that, I confirmed that I could access the site with the new address via web browser while connected to VPN as well as off VPN. I then went to use the Orchestrator Mobile app and was successfully* taken to the login form.

*It did warn about a self-signed certificate as I did not update the existing certificate with the new address and my phone does not have the Certificate Authority Chain for my work network installed.

Next I tried to authenticate and this failed. The form was asking for tenant, username/email, and password, but did not present alternate authenticate methods (We have both Windows Authentication and SAML enabled).

I attempted to login with Tenant=Default (we don’t use multiple tenants) along with my domain credentials, the login was not accepted.

Being aware that the Login form for the full web app is for local accounts, I created a local account in Orchestrator and then I was able to authenticate successfully.

I did a quick search around, but couldn’t find any compatibility information other then on the release notes for 2019 Fast Track 1.0 it stated “Be running UiPath Orchestrator version 18.3.x or higher.” as a prereq. I also could not find any documentation on supporting other authentication options.