Can't Publish UiPath Studio to Orchestrator

Hello guys,
I have a very simple project in uipath that you should “Hello World” after execution. However, I am trying to publish it in orchestrator. But it’s showing me an error saying “There is no license available in the server”. I am providing screenshots to explain it better:

I am not sure what step did I miss or what’s the issue that’s causing this. Would really appreciate if anyone can give me a solution. Thanks.


Can you share the Orchestrator Settings screen

You can blur the sensitive info


Re connect the uipath bots with orchestrator from tray. Sometimes when uipath updates complete we have to connect the bot again through uipath assistant I mean from tray.

You have very old things installed there… if you want to use CE, uninstall the old versions completely, before installing the new version.

When I disconnect and try to reconnect it, for a moment it shows “Connected, Licensed”. But then when I click on the system tray UIpath Robot, it changes automatically to “Unlicensed”.

I have installed the UiPath Academic Alliance Edition 2019.10.5. I’m not sure what do you mean by old versions.

Can you explain what do you mean by Orchestrator Setting. I am new to this, so I am a bit confused.

Did that what you suggested. But it didn’t work.

Do you mean the following setting:


The status is unlicensed, so that’s the issue where you are facing

Can you check the license page and if you have correct license then you can reprovision the robot

Also @bcorrea said install the latest CE version


Hello guys,
I solved the issue. My PC doesn’t have any password, but while creating robot in orchestrator, if you leave the password as it as without given any input then orchestrator sets a default password. And that’s why it was unable to connect with UiPath studio and thus showing me Unlicensed.

I just added a password to my PC and when I updated the robot, immediately the status changed to connected and licensed.

Thanks for your support.


Hi, if that is true, then you were using the wrong robot type, you should be using Studio or StudioPro and not unnatended, those wont use password, so that should not be the issue.

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