Link for "Enterprise" Orchestrator cloud licence

Hi all,

I received for my client the licensing order with an Orchestrator cloud, unattended cloud and studio cloud.
However, there are not licence key for studio and robot, and although I have default and host tenant, I don’t have any link for the Orchestrator.
For me, something is missing.
Could you help me to resolve this issue please.
Maybe @loginerror or @Pablito you have the solution?
PS: I check UiPath docs links, unsuccessfully and the support don’t respond to me.

Hi Miguel,

Do you have the License File received from UiPath? If you have the file, kindly confirm what and all products they have mentioned in the file. Whatever is available in document is allocated for you. As per your comment above, you should have two of these items in that document,

  1. UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated Unattended Robot - - - Enabled on Account
  2. UiPath - UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated RPA Developer - Named User (It can be Developer Pro or Studio also) - - - Enabled on Account

What you need to note here is, “Enabled on Account” part. Cloud licenses won’t have any license key as such. When you procure cloud orchestrator license, they use an Email ID to create the account. You need to find whose Email ID UiPath has used. Most probably this will be SPOC person or Manager from your side, please check with your Sales Team. That person should have got an Email Invitation to join the Automation Cloud. We call this person as “Account Owner”. When an organization first access Cloud Orchestrator, it has to be through his Email ID. Once he is logged in, we can verify the licenses and add other users to gain access. Please check this.

Coming to the URL, normally when you procure license, there will be 2 documents. One with License Details and another with activation instructions. This will have the URL.
Even-though you don’t have URL document, the cloud orchestrator URL will be same for everyone (2nd document is generic). It’s the Account Owner’s email ID directs you to your Cloud account.

Cloud Orchestrator URL : UiPath

You can use the above URL and advise the Account Owner to login for the first time otherwise you can check with the Account Owner to verify whether he has received any Welcome mail from UiPath with link provided in the mail. Use the link and advise him to login with his email credentials, that will direct you to the account. Let me know if this is helpful.

Hi @MigT,
If anything is missing please contact with your Sales Person. Eventually there is dedicated form for enterprise users in case of any issue → Contact Licensing Queries & Activations

Thanks @JithinKP for your complete and clear response.

I contact support with my support ID and I found that it was a mistake from UiPath in the link and email ID. So, I could proceed to a modification of URL and email ID.
Thanks again.

Have a good day

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@MigT - Good to know the issue is resolved. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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