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I have a license activation key for the Orchestrator. I have gone through all online installation documentation and can not find the regutil.exe in the Orchestrator installation folder. If I try to contact the technical support, they need the DeviceID and since my system is internal, I don’t know why they need the DeviceID. At the moment, I have installed Orchestrator 2019.4.2 and it says “Unlicensed” when I open the website in IIS. All I want to do now is upload a license file to activate it. I have no idea how the activation key can be converted to the license file.

Please do not point me to any online documentation. I have gone through everything and can not find a solution.


Hi @haider8645,
Regutil.exe should be by default located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath” unless you have changed you default installation. And sorry but I need to refer to this site:
Where at first point there is information that: Install the UiPath Studio and/or Robot on your machine. because Regutil.exe is part of these UiPath applications not Orchestrator :wink:

@Pablito Hi thank you for the response, I have only used the Orchestrator.msi installer on my web server. I do not need Robot/Studio here. How can I convert the Orchestrator key to license in this case? I want to activate the Orchestrator license and not Robot/Studio.

In second point from documentation there is Open the Command Prompt as an administrator on the machine you installed a UiPath Robot or Studio.
So you just need to perform action on any machine with this to generate the file. Then in instruction there is information about submitting license file in Orchestrator so you need just to sent generated file to server where you have installed Orchestrator and from there upload it in the panel.


@Pablito Please mention that in the documentation as it is very confusing. Thank you for the clarification.

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