Change license

Hi !
I’m trying to change my entreprise trial version to a full entreprise version but I can’t change it in the UiPath studio. Do I need to reinstall it ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Loic_LE_ROUX,

Please check Robot License section in the Orchestrator. If you have a full enterprise activation license in your orchestrator, your Studio will be upgraded too…

is there a way to deactivate and active with CMD and regutil
check please the tutorial and the commands,

if you need some help, don’t doubt to talk me

If you dont have a Orchestrator, you can just desinstall-reinstall (make sur to save your projects, template,…)

Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately it seems that I have an other issue with my license key so I’m on stand by for now (“Licensing model data missing. Without it, the license cannot be activated”).

Thank you everyone, this is a great community.

Experiencing the same problem. Is there already a solution? :grinning:

@liang_zhao The solution I got from the support is to install the orchestrator and manage all licenses from it. I got some issue with install so I’ve not tested it yet.

Thanks for your prompt reply, i will try it too :grinning: