How to activate the License for your Attended BOT without Studio and Orchestrator

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Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code):

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior:


please go with this URL for complete process:

Path Example to give in command prompt:

C:\program Files (x86)\Uipath\Studio\Uipath>regutil.exe get-activation-cert / /code=123456789 /out_file=D:\certificate.txt

After enter this you will successfully activated your license key for your attended BOT and it will create one file with name Certificate text document in the given path and it is Orchestrator Code, in the future if you want to use orchestrator that code you need to paste and activate that.

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I’ve followed these instructions but still can’t successfully activate my license for 1x Attended robot without access to an Orchestrator. I’ve activated the license using regutil.exe via the command prompt, which shows my license is activated but the number of attended robots stays “0”. One of the issues is that I don’t know what e-mail to use. It’s for a client and I’ve tried it with all of his e-mails, including the e-mail on the invoice. Can you help me out?

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Did you manage to get this working? I’m still struggling to get the two licences(one for Studio and one for Attended Robot) working.
I tried activating with both the licence keys but it always says Licence Activated and 0 Attended robot.

  1. Now get to the robots page create a robot. Here use a standard or a floating robot based on your requirement. Assign the robot to the machine you created and to the environment you created. Here you get the option to select which type of a robot it is. There select as “Attended” . Additonally, when setting up, make sure you give the proper username and password for the local machine as well. you can get it through command prompt “whoami” command.
  2. Once you are done, go back to machines page and go to your machine options.there you will see a machine key. Use that machine key in your local robot settings machine key input. Additionally there you will be asked for a Orchestrator URL. use the URl you have there and click on the connect button. If all that is done properly, you should have a attended robot setup by the time you get to this point :slight_smile:
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