Activating license, where is the installation folder?

Hello all

We have recently acquired a test license for UiPath Orchestrator.
After a lot of trouble we got it installed on a server, with help from UiPath support.
Now when trying to provision robots, it says it’s not covered by the current license.

No problem, I thought, I’ll just activate it with the license we have.
Looking at the guide for the activation, i have to go to the installation folder and use regutil to activate the license:
Went to the server, and tried to find the installation folder, but I’m unable to locate it.
I found the “installation” for the website itself, but cannot find any “core” installation.

According to the guide, the default install path seam to be “c:\program files (x86)\UIpath platform” but there is nothing there on the server.
I’ve tried to search though the whole server via explorer, and the registry editor for both regutil and uipath, but can only find the website installation

Anybody have ideas on where to find regutil or have another way to activate the license? :S