Orchestrator issue in starting job

When i click on start job in orchestrator,I get this error “Cannot act as user. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service!” and UiRobot service is not available in services on machine to start them.Can anyone help mi.

Hi Mohini,

If you are using the .exe setup, the Robot will be in user mode and not as a service. This error occurs when the Robot’s username you’ve set in Orchestrator is wrong. Please double check the username of the Robot you are trying to Start a job on. To be sure, type in command line whoami. If your user is under a domain, you have to set in domain\username format.

Hi ovi,
Thanks for your answer.I am using .exesetup .I have written my Robot name as “myRobot”. I have already set Domain\usename and password of my PC when i created Robot.

Yes, you can set it up when you provision the Robot in Orchestrator, but i needed you to check that it is indeed the correct username. Because if you have connected your Robot to Orchestrator and the credentials are right, there is no other reason not to work. For example, i have removed the domain in my Robot’s username and started a job on that robot -> it gave me this error.