Error - Start Job

I am getting the following error when attempting to initiate a process/job from Orchestrator CE.

Error message:

Cannot act as user ADMIN. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service!

The robot is installed on the admin user and the robot is connected to Orchestrator.


Have you checked in services.msc (you can type this in the windows searchbar to launch it) that the robot service is effectively is not stopped?



Thank you for your answer! I have not checked this. When I open the “Services” window, I am unable to locate the robot. What should I look for? I can’t find “Robot”, “UiRobot”, or anything resembling it.

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I found the solution, or rather, the root of the problem: I had moved my robot from a non-admin user to an admin user without updating the username and password in Orchestrator.

From what I remember it was called UiPath Robot Service.
Happy that you resolve the issue.

Hi … Now i am facing the similar issue. Could you please be more specific about where to make the changes you did?


the same problem…can any one help me with this…