Cannot Start Jobs in Orchestrator

Hello, been having problems when learning Orchestrator. I could not start job, with the error:

Info: “Cannot act as user TENANT-NAME/ADMIN. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service”.

My problem seems similar to here except I didn’t move any of my robot.

Robot is running and connected. Checked the services.msc and could not find any running services with names anything like UiPath or UiRobot.

Any advice what else should I check?

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Looks like admin privilege restriction.
can you launch service.msc as admin and check?

Found, I mistook the computer username with academy username, so foolish of me. Sorry… :frowning:

Hello @ddpadil, no this time I was mistaking the basic point. Sorry.
Anyway, is there no way to delete posts like this, in which I feel it is completely unuseful to be on internet?

haha. Np.:smiley:
I have privilege to delete the post :wink: .However we keep this for the futur reference incase someone will end up with this kind of error.

PS: You can edit some points though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure if anybody will make this error, but sure I got it.
Thank you for your superb support!