Orchestrator does not detect published robot

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Video part 1. I have followed everything in the video but I am unable to assign my published robot into an environment.

it says here that I have successfully published my project.

and i also have the packages here.

but for some reason the orchestrator doesn’t seem to detect any local published robot to be assign into DemoRobots environment.

Could anybody help me resolve this problem? :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you,


Seems like there is some misconception in this (do correct me if I’m wrong). The robot is not published. The package is published. For the package to appear on the Orchestrator, the robot must be connected to the Orchestrator first.

Currently, you’re publishing the package locally, in the local file location. If it is connected, it should have the following message when published, without the file location:


In order to connect, you’ll need to start UiPath Robot on your PC, and then get the machine key from the Orchestrator for that (if these terms aren’t familiar, then you probably haven’t done it yet). I suggest continuing with part 2 of the course first; part 1 is usually just an introductory section (but I can’t confirm because my Academy is suddenly not working for some reason)

Let me know if you need more help. Thanks!

This is another and more general way to publish workflows of anysize…


oh yeah. my mistake. I should’ve gone through with part 2 first.

no worries - made the same mistake when I started out too. Shows that we’re eager to learn I guess? :sweat_smile: good luck with the course!