Publish in UiPath studio community edition to Orchestrator


Upon click on publish, I get below options.

Once I publish using the “Robot Defaults” option, it gives a message such as below.

However, when I navigate to Orchestrator - I do not see any packages in there.

Any ideas.


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Is this machine connected to Orchestrator or not ?

Could you please help me with screenshots of Robots and Machine page and also Robot system tray page. Will check it and let you know,

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Actually the package that you have published in studio got published to the orchestrator
— And the last screenshot that you shared is not the place to check the published packages and it will show only the robots tagged to the environment (it’s a environment tab)
— we can see the published packages in process tab and that too in two ways
Either we can see when we create. A new process by pressing the plus symbol in the process tab and typing the process name
We can check in the package tab within the process tab

——but make sure these stuffs
— a robot is created in the orchestrator with right machine and robot should be connected to the machine. So kindly check whether the robot is connected or not, to our machine( if not connect and then check with the process tab )
— then check with robot is tagged to a environment as I can see in the first screenshot the environment tab is free with no robots
So kindly include a robot to that environment. And it can be included by clicking on the update button or edit button (three dots) and add robots to the environment

Hope this would help you
You were almost done
Kindly check in process tab
Cheers @RobotLearner

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Thanks. Once I connected the Robot to Machine, it solved.

1. Create / provision a machine (standard or template) in Orchestrator
2. Then, copy the machine name, key and orchestrator url in UIPath Robot and connect
3. Also create a robot in Orchestrator.

Now, if you open the package and publish, you will see the below option

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