Orchestrator: Deleted Queue Items are shown in "Remaining"


I deleted a lot of queue items in Orchestrator but now they all show up in the “remaining” status. Is this an error? When I go to the queue and click on “view transactions”, the queue items have the status “deleted”. Why are these queue items in “remaining” when i go look at the queue items statistics? How can i clear the “remaining” section?

Thanks in advance

I’m fairly certain the deleted items stay within the queue for a period of time for the use of analytics.

It also wouldn’t be ideal if someone with edit access on the Queue could just delete the transaction items without any paper trail other than server logs that are not accessible to the majority of users.

If you’re simply doing testing for a project, you can just delete and remake the queue to wipe it clean if that’s needed. But otherwise, deleted items will be there for a decent amount of time, but you can sort the queue to “New” or “Successful” by adding a filter to it at the top of it if you need to see only the new transaction items.

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If you are on Enterprise edition you can delete the items permanently from the Orchestrator SQL database. Otherwise, as @mike.vansickle said they are going to be there for a while to show that they were once there and then deleted.