Clearing items in Queue

Hi all,

How to clear the items present in the UI path orchestrator Queue? Is there any actions to do that?



Hello @Pradeep.Robot,

You can remove queue items from the transactions page

Remove :Mark the selected item(s) as Deleted. Only items that have the In Progress status cannot be deleted.
This button is displayed only if you select at least one transaction.

Hope this could help you:



Thanks Susana. It helped.


Hello Susana

Do you know a way to do this for an item that is “In process” (due to error in workflow that caused the robot to skip the “Set transaction status”-activity)?

Hello @Konrad,

After 24 hours an ‘in progress’ ítem will change its status to ‘abandoned’ then,you could remove it but you should handle your exceptions with the try catch activity to ensure you are always settings a status to the transaction.



That worked, thank you!

Yes i figured that out after i failed the first time :wink:

There is one problem tough… The item is deleted, but it stays in the queue forever, so when you try adding a new item, you get the unique reference exception. I know I can just disable the unique reference constraint, but I want to enforce it to ensure no duplicate work is executed… :expressionless: Any ideas? I really like UiPath, but there are all these little annoying golden nuggets that really hurt implementation times…


In the Orchestrator in Menu Queues I select the Queue and More Actions -> View Transactions.
On all these presented rows/items I can select View Details. These details are data security informations.

My question:
Can I delete all items under -> View Transaction automatically after a defined period e.g. 3 days?
Or is there another possibility to delete these items/details?
No options is delete them manually.



I came across this issue as well. I have a Blue Prism developer background and I think the queue management is much more advanced.

Were you able to find a resolution to this?

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