Deleted queue items

Hi - my question is, how long do deleted queue items remain in orchestrator. Day-to-day my queue items may have redundant data, and intially may not have enough capacity to process all items in a single day. If I delete the queue items at the end of each day and recreate the queue next day. How long do the deleted items exist?

Deleted items, along with all other queue items, stay in your orchestrator queue indefinitely. This is done on purpose for reporting ability

However, I would not recommend adding the same transactions to the queue on different days. In my opinion, your robot should process each input only 1 time and add it to the queue. If your robot doesn’t have capacity to process the queue item, it will just remain in the queue as a “new” transaction and will be processed as soon as the processor picks it up even if it’s the next day/week/month/whenever.

All the manual work of adding item to queue, deleting it, and re-adding it means it is quite likely that something will be missed or added 2+ times by accident.

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Helpful considerations. Thank you.

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