Queue Item - Deleted status

How do we set the status to deleted as in the activity we can set transaction status as only failed or successful ,there is no option for deleted ,kindly let me know how to set the status to deleted

One more query - does the orchestrator database not become heavy as the transactions become successful going forward ,when there is no option for deleting those which are no more useful

Hi again,

Why do you want to delete an item from Studio? In my opinion it’s ok to just have the Successful and Failed status from Studio because otherwise you risk to have two Robots for example that set the Deleted status on the same queue.

Now, the workaround would be via http request or API. But the question now is how do you retrieve the items from Studio with status Successful or Failed? Get Transaction Item retrieves an item with status New. So if this cannot be achieved through a POST request, I’m thinking you can get those items by Id and Select which property to include in the request.

From what I know the DB can hold up to 10 million items. I will have to confirm this with QA but I remember that items that are processed older than 30 days were automatically archived and moved to ElasticSearch. But if you really want to get rid of the item I think you can write a script to delete the items with status Successful and older than 60 days for example.

Hi Ovi,

The reason why i was asking for customized statuses , because i have a transaction related data when ever the transaction processing is completed (we have something called need for more information where the ticket is raised to the client asking for more information about the transaction in this mean time i need to change the transaction in the queue and proceed with the other transaction items )
in this case it is either setting to successful or failed which is not either of it in my above mentioned case
Kindly look at this and let me know if there is any way to change the transaction status

The reason why i was trying to delete in the queue was i was trying to move from one queue to other queue as an alternative option and there are many successful items that are overloaded DB
doesnt it slow down the orchestrator ?

Not unless you have thousands of hundreds per day.

So is your main requirement to have customizable statuses (not only Successful and Failed)?

Hi Ovi,

Yes my main requirement is to have customizable statuses!! so that one can set the transaction on hold or something like that so that the other robot can pick up the transactions only those are on hold or on halt !!