Level 3 Assignment 2 Queue Items won't go away


I’ve deleted my queue and there is no queue available in the dropdown at the top of orchestrator yet everything I ever added is still there under View Transaction and the queue name field still retains my InHouse_Process4 which I just deleted. If I add a new queue with that name there will be nothing in it when I choose it from the queue selector dropdown, yet all the previous items still exist under view transactions with that queue name. I find this strange.

Not sure if i understand it properly but if you delete your queue directly from ‘Queues’ tab under orchestrator it should delete the whole transactions. Can you please attach a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Rammohan B.

Everything I have ever added to queue (but deleted) under view transactions

Under this same screen I will now select the queue which I created before the last screenshot

I now selected the InHouse_Processing4 queue and it has 15 (the correct amount). Why did the first screen shot show 100+ and this queue name. Orchestrator is acting like a recycle bin showing all deleted queue items and the name to which they belonged.