Orchestrator connection status unlicensed 2019.11.0

Please guide me …Not able to connect to orchestrator followed all the steps.I have given proper domain name and machine name still it is not working.Thanks.

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Kindly change the robot type as Unattended in the robot tab of orchestrator
As we won’t be able to trigger a attended type of robot from orchestrator
We can only manage and maintains the log of them

Cheers @girish06

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Try with the new link


to connect with orchestrator and try again.


Still not working same issue.


Can I have a screen shot of them after changing

Got it
I think the username domain is not mentioned exactly as in your machine
For that go to cmd window of your machine
And type the command as whoami so that we will be getting the username and domain
Mention the same in robot tab. And try once

Cheers @girish06

Tried it have already given the correct domain name.once again checked the domain name mentioned it correctly.Still the same issue.Thanks.

But the image shows like the domain name itself is not mentioned and only the username is mentioned

Thanks My fault didn’t notice it is now connected.

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