Robots appear connected and available in Orchestrator but appear Unlicensed in UiPath Robot


I’ve installed Orchestrator on-premise successfully in a server. Everything seemed fine until I tried to connect a Robot.

The Robot List on Orchestrator shows me all the robots as available and connected, yet I cannot do anything with them since the robot app itself shows me it’s Unlicensed and showing me that “An Error has occurred”


I’ve checked the names of all my components and they all seem fine. Also, whenever I try to delete a robot form orchestrator, I also get the same error message.


The only aditional info I can give is that we’re using a self signed certificate, but we already made the procedures provided in the documentation (exporting the certificate and importing it in the robot machines).

What could be causing this problem?


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Hi, welcome to the community!
Please check the available licenses in your Orchestrator and assign them accordingly:

Thanks for the reply.

My licences are already assigned correctly, and are being displayed as such in the licences tab:

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For this screen, and if you only have one unattended robot connected, maybe just reboot the machine and see if it comes back to work.

I rebooted the robot machine and it still doesn’t work, should I reboot the orchestrator server as well?

Hi @aaverza

Don’t worry it’s not an issue, In orchestrator in your machine connected to some user you just login that user account in your machine and check the robot tray.

I should not be needed, but did you see if while rebooting, the licensed got released and got used as soon as the robot got online, just to make sure it is properly connected and this will not be a license issue…

Hi @aaverza

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Could you double check that you are using the full domain name in orchestrator? (The output of the whoami command in a command line)

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Thanks for the reply, I’ve already checked the full domain name with the whoami command

Hi @aaverza,
I know it might sound obvious but please check if you Studio and Robot (service) are running from same path and are pointing to exact same version of Studio/Robot. I see you are probably using Enterprise version but my experience with Community one tells me that sometimes during update the Robot service is not getting updated and when Studio is working with newer version Robot seems to run still previous and this provides to strange errors.


Hello @Pablito

I checked the service and it’s running without issue and on the right path.

To give more light on the subject, I went to the Monitor Robots tab in orchestrator and noticed the “an error occurred” message also appears here.

Could this problem be related to the database roles the user needs to function in orchestrator? With this particular install, we couldn’t use the db_owner role, so we had to use db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin and the Execute permission. It’s the only difference I can see between this install and others.

Thanks and best regards,

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Hi, what do you mean you couldnt use the roles needed for the install? I mean, if you choose to not follow the instructions, then you are bound to have problems :slight_smile:


The installation instructions clearly state the following:

If security restrictions do not allow you to use the db_owner user mapping role with the UiPath login, grant the following:

  • db_datareader
  • db_datawriter
  • db_ddladmin
  • EXECUTE permission on dbo schema


I didn’t use the db_owner role, but I did use the other four stated in the official documentation.

so you did follow the instructions… and that would not be the culprit.

Generally when you see this generic error message in my experience, the issue is either with the IIS, Orchestrator, or SQL Server.

Given that you indicate you recently installed Orchestrator, can you provide what version you installed? And are you an Enterprise customer or are you trailing Orchestrator?

The reason I ask is because in your UiPath Robot screenshot, it is showing 2019.10.2 where the latest Platform 2019.10.5 includes:

  • Studio/Robot 19.10.4 (19.10.5 is also available)
  • Orchestrator 19.10.18

I am not aware of any version conflicts with an older robot being still in the major release, but something to consider.

To troubleshoot, you could try raising your log event levels in Orchestrator if it isn’t already capturing the errors. You’ll find this in the Web.config of the root of the Orchestrator installation path. I believe by default it is configured for minlevel="Info" and you’ll find the logs in Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Applications and a source type of Orchestrator.

In testing to see how Orchestrator behaves in my scenarios - “An error has occurred” most frequently popped up when read or write could not be made to the database, but no error log event indicated as such. Permissions, Invalid Credentials, Out of disk space, etc. (Take it with a grain of salt, when I initially was running the different scenarios this was against 2018.3.1 and in our upgrade to 2019.10.18, haven’t run through the same scenarios again to see if the messages have improved.)

Provide any details you can share about your environment and configuration and I’m sure the community can help you figure it out. If you are Enterprise customer you could reach out to Technical Support (I’m not sure but I believe the Trial is also covered under this)