Orchestrator Community Edition Connecting To Robot Issue (Version 20.3.25)

Lots of changes made to Community Edition Orchestrator and I wanted to ask about the criteria of running a job from Community Orchestrator. See screenshots:

Cloud Licensing:

Robot is created and connected in Orchestrator:
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 14.56.24

UiPath Robot Win10

However, the process does not allow me to select the bot:

For Community, none of the other types show when trying to run a job.

Why isn’t the bot showing up? - Studio bot does not have environment option but some of the other bot types show as unlicensed.

Again, this is all for Community Edition and not Enterprise.

Thank you.

I am new to UIPath using Community Edition. I just tried to set up a trigger. I am having the same problem. I cannot pick a robot.

Attended and Studio type robots cannot be used in a Trigger by Orchestrator. An attended robot cannot only be started locally with the UiPath Assistant.

If you would like to create a trigger in Orchestrator, the Robot must be of the type Unattended / NonProduction.

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So is starting a job now used as a Trigger in Orchestrator? And how is the robot vs UiPath Assistant used in Community? I haven’t seen this behavior in Enterprise.

This is a new change since 20.3 in Orchestrator. Community is currently on 20.4.

Studio is installed with Agent Desktop which was renamed to UiPath Assistant.

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So just to be clear, Community now requires use of Trigger or UiPath Agent to perform the same function in what used to be running a job in Orchestrator that was executed from bot?

Trigger is what used to be called a schedule. Since 20.3 you cannot trigger a job for a non-attended robot this includes scheduled triggers and manual jobs.

Robot types Studio and Attended count as Attended robots. If you want to trigger a job from Orchestrator you must provision an Unattended robot which are types Production/Non-production.

Locally on the machine you can use UiPath Assistant to invoke a job under a Attended/Studio Robot.

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