Guide on UiPath setup start to finish


It has been a long while since I have used UiPath and I wanted to get back into it. I downloaded the community edition and got it installed. I’m having a real hard time navigating it so I was hoping for some guidance.

I have a laptop with UiPath Studio installed and created a task with StudioX and the published it to my tenet. My question is how to I actually run this bot either unattended to attended. I can’t figure that part out.


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Running on unattended or attended depends on the ROBOT type you have chosen while creating and connecting to your robot in your machine to orchestrator

Have a view on this doc on how to connect a robot to orchestrator based on which you can decide how to run the bot

Cheers @dev3

Hi @Palaniyappan

So, I haven’t setup anything outside of the initial install for UIPath and my Default Tenet for the cloud.

I can run the bots from UiPath Studio and from the UiPath Assistant.

I’m running thru the document and now have a connected machine but I still can’t run anything unattended. Does the community edition support unattended robots?

Ofcourse it supports with one unattended license
While creating robot in orchestrator you can choose the robot type as unattended

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