Robots not showing when starting Job


I am trying to start a Job from Orchestrator and the Robots are not showing, knowing that the robots are connected to orchestrator and the filter is set to “All” in the robot selection window.

I am using the cloud orchestrator on community edition.

Any help is much appreciated.


Are the Robots provisioned as a Unattended or Non-production type? Attended Robots including Studio can no longer be triggered from Orchestrator.


This makes sense but I’m unable to pass input parameters at run time when running processes via Attended/Studio robots. I’ve posted a new question to the forum.

Partial forum thread:




Thank you for the response, it makes sense now.

But now when i create a new standard machine i am unable to select more than 0 unattended license from the drop down. knowing that the cloud community edition supports 2 attended and 1 unattended.


If it is giving you the error input_number_range_no_slots_warning make sure you are allocating your licenses in the Cloud Portal to the Orchestrator Service instance.


Yes thank you so much for helping.

I did manage to do it earlier but it wasn’t clear that i had to allocate here

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