Attended bots in orchestrator

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I have installed and setup the orchestrator and have 5 attended bot licences. I have provisioned attended 2 bots with environments in the orchestrator and published the main.xaml file. It now says that the bots are connected in the Robot page of the orchestrator.

Now the question is how do I setup a job or schedule for this bots. At least how can I check if it can be launched on the 2 different bot machines through the orchestrator?

Is it because the bots are attended so it cannot be launched from the orchestrator?

Please advice.

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You will need to publish from studio. Once you are published you must go to packages in orchestrator and upload that package. Then go to Processes and add that package. Once you have the process then you are able to run the job. You do this on the Jobs page by clicking the blue start icon and selecting the process that you want to run.

That’s true! Jobs on Attended Robots cannot be Started from Orchestrator. Attended Robots are used with Orchestrator for a centralized process deployment and logging medium. For example, when connected to Orchestrator, an Attended Robot has access to Assets, Queues.


Hi Ovi,

I found your post relevant to my case.

As the OP, I would also like to get clarified if the attended bot can work with Orchestrator.

According to the document:

See the following statement:
“UiPath Orchestrator Use Cases
UiPath’s Orchestrator power comes from its capability of managing your entire Robot fleet. Attended, Unattended or NonProduction, they can all be connected and executed from this centralized point.”

My understanding is that if I have:

  • 1 attended bot with named user
  • 1 orchestrator lisence

Then I should be able to execute the designed process without human intervention.

Please help clarify this.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @hellitonwoo

That statement is a general one, not specific to Attended robot. If you have Orchestrator and 1 Attended Robot you can add the Robot in Orchestrator (and retrieve Assets, Queue Items) but you cannot Start a Job on it.

About Robots
And as of 2018.2 release troubleshooting attended jobs has gotten easier to handle - if an agent starts a job on an Attended Robot, this is logged and displayed in Orchestrator. Attended jobs can now be included in usage reports from a centralized location: About Jobs

I hope it’s more clear for you now. Let me know if anything.



Hi Ovi,
I understand that we can start attended robots from the system tray only and not from the orchestrator.
Is there any other method to initiate attended robots?
I have an idea that they can be initiated through user events as well.

Hi @Roboz

For now there is no other method. That’s why they are called “attended” - they run along with the user.

What do you mean “initiated through user events”? Can you explain a bit please?

Hello there ,

thank you for your inquiry

You mean a robot already running and detecting an user event and then trigger another robot?


Some key board short cuts to initialize the robot?

From command line: Command Line Interface

Hi @All,

I’m unable to run the bot from orchestrator, I done all the steps as you mentioned but still while running the bot from jobs it is not showing any robot here.
Please find the attached screenshot for your reference & suggest me