Can't find the robot in Orchestrator when starting a new job or defining a new Trigger

Hi Uipath Community,

This is my first time posting here, I usually find solutions to my problems on the Forum, but not this time.

I have successfully connected my robot to Orchestrator, but when i try to start a new job or defining a new Trigger, I can’t find the robot. Please note that, this isn’t my first time using Orchestrator, I’ve had this robot working for months and always started the job automatically every Monday. But since last week, it just stopped functioning. Haven’t been able to get it work since. I’ve upgraded my studio from version 19 to version 20, as an attempt to fix it, but still nothing. Will really appreciate any help on this.

You must use Robot type of Unattended or NonProduction to trigger a job from Orchestrator.

If you use Attended or Studio you can only initiate a job from the local UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop.


Thanks for the prompt reply. It’s working now

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