Orchestrator API & PowerAutomate & Azure App Proxy - Help with 'You are not authenticated!'


I’m trying to use PowerAutomate to add a queue item to UiPath Orchestrator (On-Premise). We have setup an ‘Azure App Proxy’ to act as the intermediary between PowerAutomate and Orchestrator. Using this setup I’m able to authenticate (receive a bearer token), as seen here (PowerAutomate → Azure App Proxy URL → On-Prem Orchestrator):

Using the same ‘Bearer’ token I’m retrieving in the first request, I then parse the response to retrieve only the token…
Skip Parsing Tested: I’ve copy/pasted this elsewhere and confirmed that the parsing is working as intended… I’ve also tested bypassing parsing entirely, by manually copy/pasting the token in the header (Authorization & Bearer longbearertoken)… still same result.
Access Test: Also, to rule out access issues (with either the bearer token, or the local tenant account I’m using that has required access), I’ve tested the same bearer token I’m receiving (from PowerAutomate) in Postman, and I’m able to accomplish retrieving queue definitions, adding a queue item, etc…

Bearer token parsing / assignment:

Side by side:

Error (PowerAutomate):

I can’t seem to figure out why the second request is failing, or what to do to get ahead of this authorization/access issue in PowerAutomate… when it seems to be working elsewhere (Postman).

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We got the above to work… IF we turn off authentication to the Azure App Proxy… which is obviously less than ideal. The ‘Active Directory OAuth’ overrides the authorization header supplied that’s intended for UiPath. This was found out through intercepting the API call in the cloud.

My current question is, given the above, does anyone have instructions on how to setup a a Microsoft PowerAutomate flow (either a ‘custom connector’ or configure the basic HTTP connector) to communicate with our on-premise UiPath Orchestrator through an Azure App Proxy (that also enforces authentication via ‘Active Directory OAuth’)?

I’m thinking I somehow need to either hit a different endpoint (a Microsoft one) PRIOR to sending the authentication request to UiPath (on-prem)… then maybe use a cookie or something (to authenticate with the proxy) instead of the current method… so the bearer token created and intended for UiPath gets send correctly.

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