Api oath token fails - Community edition

Let me preface by saying I also work on an enterprise account that is in the cloud orchestrator and this EXACT api call works flawlessly every time we run it.

In the photo on the left this is a PowerAutomate api call to orchestrator, I know the structure is correct because I copied its format from the enterprise account I work on.
For whatever reason, postman, powerautomate etc. nothing can connect to my community edition cloud orchestrator which is a bit of a problem because I want to build a queue.

The error it returns is “not found”

update: i already see your problem. Your url is wrong!. it is not oath but oauth. That will indeed result in a “not found” error.
Correct url: https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token

In case you now get the json invalid error:
i used Power Automate Desktop to test it.
solution: Solved: Power Automate Desktop with Power Automate - Power Platform Community

And click advanced and make sure “Encode request body” is off.

The other solution given that you have to add this to your header (X-UiPath-TenantName: yourtenantname) is not needed

When you change that you will get a 200 and your token

Hi @Nathan_Betters1,

Here are some things to check:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct URL for your Cloud Orchestrator instance. You can find this in the URL bar when you are logged in to the Orchestrator web interface.
  2. Check that the API endpoint you are trying to access exists and is correctly spelled. For example, if you are trying to access the Jobs API, make sure you are using the correct URL and endpoint for that API.
  3. Make sure that you have the correct permissions to access the Orchestrator API. You may need to check with your Orchestrator administrator to ensure that your user account has the necessary permissions to access the API.
  4. Verify that the API call you are making is correctly formatted and contains all required parameters. Double-check the documentation for the API you are trying to use to ensure that you are using the correct syntax and parameter names

@Nathan_Betters1 Where you able to solve the issue?

I was not and I have double checked the instance addresses and endpoints etc.

1- Confirmed correct
2- Confirmed correctly (actually copied and pasted from a known working example)
3- I am the orchestrator admin/owner, but this is being credentialed with an API key not user credentials.
– I also created an app and granted ALL the permissions possible with the app.
4- It is formatted correctly, it is copied exactly from a known working example.

the url your referencing as correct is the url in my request? what is wrong about it?

When i use your url it indeed gives the “no found” error.
You are missing the letter U in oauth/token