401: Not Authenticated when trying to Add Queue Item via Power Automate

I am attempting to call the Add Queue Item when a user fills out a form in a Microsoft Form and am using Power Automate to trigger a bot that will perform some action. When I try to add a Queue Item, I get a 401: Not Authenticated message.

I have successfully grabbed the bearer token so I can get past that. Am I supposed to sign in to Orchestrator Cloud via the Power Automate flow? I ask because logging in via the browser (Edge) and then running this does not seem to work.

Any ideas?

Hi @eric.brenner

Please validate your URL, Tenant, folderid, queue name. hope your are passing token correctly , I will suggest 1st give try in postman then use PA


I bet I am missing the folder ID. I’ll have to look at the documentation for the Add Queue Item.

I think I might know what the issue is. Since I am using a Cloud account and since I am using Power Automate to trigger this flow, I wonder if I need to set this up as an External App.

Using OAuth for External Apps

Yes, you will need External Apps for that.

You can take a look here for some references:



@marian.platonov - how do I decide if it is a user scope or a application scope? All it will be doing is adding a queue item to an existing queue.

An application scope should work for an OR.Queues scope.

Reference: https://cloud.uipath.com/ORG_NAME/TENANT_NAME/orchestrator_/swagger/index.html#/Queues/Queues_AddQueueItem