Orchestrator and robot on same server

Can we deploy orchestrator and robot on same server if yes what would be cons

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It’s technically possible, but not recommended:

  • Load on that server will be higher than usual, meaning you’ll need a lot more powerful machine to handle Orchestrator, DBs/ES, Robot and applications that it will work on.
  • There’s no separation, so f.e. memory bloat in any part (Orch, robot or app) can impact everything else
  • Security handling will be hampered, f.e. it’s common for a developer to need admin rights during some parts of implementation. That dev would have admin rights on the machine that the Orchestrator is on, meaning you’re granting more access than needed.
  • Maintenance of any part that requires a restart (updates etc.) will require all others to be stopped as well
  • That kind of architecture doesn’t scale at all - if you’re going for multiple robots, you will need separate servers anyway. If you’re going for just one, you don’t need Orchestrator necessarily.

Servers are cheap these days (at least compared to everything else that’s used), I’d recommend not making it harder for yourself from the start and go with a proper architecture that has functional separation. Changing it later is never fun for anyone.


Well explained!

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Thanks for explaining