Hi all,

In my scenario, I have to access a single process from ‘N’ no. of Systems, with different login credentials, to call the process from all the systems do I need to install bot in each desktop or there is any another to access the process without installing the bot.

please help me in finding the solution.

Thank You.

One bot for each desktop is required if you want multiple processes at the same time or from different machines.

if we have 100 systems to access the process, do we need 100 robots to be installed in 100 system

If you want 100 desktops to access the same process you need 100 robots.
If you want 100 applications in one process then you need just 1.

okay, Thank You

and to maintain 75 to 100 robots how many orchestrators we need.

I think one orchestrator can maintain up to 100 robots. It depends on the setup you chose for orchestrator.

okay Thank you so much