Can we install the Orchestrator and Robot on same machine

Hi @lakshman @KarthikByggari @Palaniyappan
I have two Non-production licenses for Orchestrator and Robot.
I want to install these on the test server.

  1. But there I already installed the community edition of UiPath Studio & Robot. So first should I uninstall them?
  2. If I install bot Orchestrator and Robot on the same test server will Orchestrator impact the Robot while running. ?
  3. If my orchestrator Installed on a test server with Robot can I access the Orchestrator from my Machine?
  4. If I don’t have the studio then how I Publish the my Package into the Orchestrator and Robot. Bcz I have a license for Robot and Orchestrator only.
  5. If I am developing the project on my machine using the Studio, so should I connect my studio to the license Orchestrator and publish the process?
  6. Or what exactly we do once the project is done. Or we make a .exe file?
    Please need your help. Thanks in advance.
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Yes you have to install them first and then install Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio and Robot.

It’s good practice to install Orchestrator on one dedicated server and it’s recommended.

Yes it will connect. You have to connect that Robot machine with Orchestrator.

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Hi, Lakshman Thanks for the response.
I don’t understand one thing, Now I am using a orchestrator which I already sign up. So it’s a web application right. But orcestrator is .exe file, So it’s desktop application. If I installed the Orchestrator on test server, then how can access this from my local machine. Does I create a account on Cloud or what?
If I have a Robot & Orchestrator licese. so should I install bot Studio and Robot on same machine or single Robot only.
I am developing the project on my pc, so shall how I publish this process to Robot and Orchestrator? bcz these are on different machine.

Suppose I have installed both Robot and Orchestrator both on same test server. Then how can I access my orchestrator. bcz If I access my robo from the there, there will be robot on same machine will it run the process.

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You can copy published Package from development machine to this machine and this machine should be connected to Orchestrator also. And also one more thing you have to follow same folder structure in this machine as you followed in development machine.

If you have development license in Orchestrator then you can connect this machine with Orchestrator.

No. It will be of type .nupkg file. We can run this file either from UiRobot system tray or will trigger it from Orchestrator.


Please check below thread to know more about Installation of Orchestrator.

Once orchestrator Installation and set up was done we can access it from any system as it is web based application.

You can install both Studio and Robot with Robot license. This is upto you whether you want to install both or single component.

If you are connecting that machine to Orchestrator then publish it to Orchestrator. Then we can trigger it from Orchestrator and it will run into that machine.

Thanks a lot Lakshman, Please give reply my above query also.

I have a single test server, So I want to install the Orchestrator and Robot on same machine,
How exactly we access this Orchestrator. Now we have a web application, but in license version I don’t understand if orchestrator is a web application then why do we install in our system.
I am familiar with the orchestrator which we access from platform.uipath…
Once install do we create an account using email I’d and password, then access from web application.

If both Robot and Orchestrator installed on same machine then my orchestrator will impact the Robot while running. Or this Orhcestrator I can access from my machine or from somewhere else. If I want to access this orchestrator from my machine then how can I access this. ? Please reply

@Palaniyappan @lakshman



Suppose you installed both on single machine. Then we can access Orchestrator from same or different machine as it is web based application right and trigger the BOT.

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Okay, Thanks.
I have downloaded the image from uipath website.

So this package has three components Studio, Robot & Orchestrator, But I want to install the Robot & Orchestrator. Can we install single Robot I don’t see exe file for Robot, or it’s comes with Studio?

I am going to uninstall the Community Studio and Robot right from the test server?

One question while installing the orchestrator is it giving any option to create and account using the Email I’d & Password. So how can I access my orchestrator from Web Application. So first do I need a valid Email I’d & Password?


I request you to contact Uipath support team and they will provide you installation guide and all to do this.

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How can I connect them is there any online request form please send me. Will they do the installation part ? or just they will provide the installation guide ?

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Let’s go one by one

Yes it would be advisable to remove that community edition and install your licensed version

No not at all that’s fine
… anyhow orchestrator web application
So can be accessed even from other machines browser as well

Of course we can as it’s a web application we can

Studio will be installed by default if we have an windows installer so in that case we could be able to publish the package

Yes if we want to publish the process been developed to a orchestrator then we have to connect to that as well

As of now once a workflow is ready we won’t be able to convert that to a .exe file
But we can publish that to a orchestrator as a nupkg file so that it can managed from there

It’s purely a web application
So once after installing we can access it from a browser with user credentials mentioned to get into that orchestrator

As mentioned above we can access the orchestrator alone from other machine browser so that it won’t be a problem

For mores details in installation I would suggest you to connect with our uipath team in this

Hope this would help you
Cheers @balkishan

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