Installing Orchestrator and robot on same server

If i have to install orchestrator on the same sever where I have installed the robots. So will it impact OR Shall we install on the different server.

What are the pros and cons if we install Orchestrator on the same server where we installed the robot AND in separate orchestrator server. ??
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When both are installed in same server it won’t be an impact unless we try to run the bot in unattended mode
That is if both are installed on same server we will be able to run only in attended mode I.e., the system must be logged in

So I would suggest to install it in different server like orchestrator in one and robot in another one
Because sometimes if both are used in same server and if we want to run a process in that robot from orchestrator in an unattended mode we won’t be able to be there logged in to the orchestrator for managing the process execution, as we have to run the process with system being logged out

So if we have now installed in different server we can manage that process from orchestrator even if we are trying to run that process in an unattended mode as that process is getting executed in different server

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If you consider about impact, actually there is nothing happen if you install both on same server
But it’s not a good practice and might not allow your company governance policies

Best practices is to separate
Orchestrator / orchestrator Database (app and db should be on separate servers)
One your BOT should run form separate vms or pc or etc

By they way assume if you have 2 BOTs running on spare pcs, but you dont need to install orchestrator for each
They will be one orchestrator will control several bot a the same time


Hey @iumerparay

Just to add to what @Palaniyappan mentioned, it is recommended to have the orchestrator in a separate server due to few other reasons too. Orchestrator is used to orchestrate the robots that are running in the organization. This could include many robots and all the logging and coordination happens through the orchestrator. These processes require good amount of resources to be available in the server where orchestrator is installed.

However, if you have robots running different processes in the same server, it could utilize the most wanted resources to orchestrate the process and hamber the orchestrator process. Also jobs that are executed may require high usage of storage, memory and processing power.

Hence it is important to have the orchestrator separately


Thank you that’s helpful, I ll follow that. @Palaniyappan @Maneesha_de_silva @Lahiru.Fernando