Orchestrator Alerts are not working

we have migrated to a new version of Orchestrator, which works fine with one exception, the alerts will not work, I have checked the basics so my user account has alerts enabled and i am part of our admin group which allows alerts, but still none appear in the Orchestrator, this is a shared environment with another business unit, who also does not have the alerts working.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks Brett

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This is the best answer you could provide?

I too am having these same issues. I have read the documentation regarding Alerts, and have followed the steps. I still do not have alert emails of alerts showing in Orchestrator.
As an enterprise user, this concerns me. As an example, we had several automations fault overnight. Orchestrator did not send an email alert to any of the users who are set to receive them. In addition to that, when selecting the alert icon, nothing shows on the list. How is is that jobs faulting are not listed as alerts?

We need solutions and better documentation for these items What you provide now is less than optimal.

Links re: Alerts that have been read an followed to no avail
(Setting Up Email Alerts)

I know this response comes months after your first inquiry. Hopefully my solution will assist you if you are still dealing with this issue. I too was frustrated with the fact that I was not receiving alerts via email. All the email settings were correct, and an email was being sent when selecting Test Mail Settings.

I am currently using the Cloud Platform Orchestrator.


I created a new role in the Tenant (Tenant > Manage Access > Roles) called “Alerts”. I selected the option to View, Edit, and Create.

Once I created that role, I assigned it to each robot in the tenant.

I am now receiving reports as intended. Note, you will have to play with the filters in the Alerts dashboard to view the history.