Orchestartor Queue Issue

Hi All,

When i try to load the data to orchestrator queue, it shows successfull, is it a bug fro UiPath? it should be New as status.

Any idea?


Could you let us know how are you loading the data ? Was the Add Queue Item Activity used ?

Need more data :wink:

Show the xaml or screen how you configured activities. Also it would be helpfull if you will write what studio and system.activities you are using

tried both, Add queue item and bulk add queue item.


used reframework and in first run workflow, read the input file stored it dt table then tried with both activity and getting above status in queue.


I guess your transactionitem is of type Queueitem and in your get transactiondata you are using get transactionitem…so basically after adding it it looping and setting the items to success…can you check the history of the items in the queue…


sorry for late reply,

when i try to run in debug mode, then the queue status shows as new, but i try to run directly status shows as successfull, not geeting any idea. why?

@Anil_G How to proceed?


It is new only…you are adding the queue item before get transaction data…

And when you run it directly bot adds queue items and because of get transaction data being executed immediately it is taling the item to inprogress and then it moves to process xaml and i guess as of now you left it empty …

So it passes throughit smoothly… and then it goes to set transaction status xaml where the retrieved item is set to successful…

This is the reason…so do you want dispatcher and performer separately or together?

What you are doing now is together so you can do the main process in the process xaaml and for each item you added that will run



Could you show us a Screenshot of the RE-Framework workflow used ?Additionally, Provide us screenshots of the GetTransactionData workflow and the SetTransactionStatus workflow Success Sequence if it is present.

We will be able to conclude that it is indeed because of the activities used in these sequences that the queue items are being set to success.

Hi All,

yes, after watching carefully, i came to know that set transaction status workflow sets the queue item as successfull.

so after removing that workflow , it is working fine. ysterday it resolved.