Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Practice 8


I have been working through this exercise but I have no idea what the following step means and how to do it in studio:

  1. Return to Studio to process all the items inside the queue, by using the TransactionItem is not Nothing expression

Can someone explain?

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Fine no worries
—once after QUEUES is created in orchestrator then we can process those queues from our studio
—for that we need to Get Transaction item activity if we want to retrieve only one queue item or we can use Get queue item if we want to retrieve and process more queue items
—mean while in our process we need to include a condition like if there is no more transaction item to be processed then we need to assign in_TransactionItem as nothing or we should not till it has any item to be processed

Hope this would help you
cheers @Asanka

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I’m really new to this so i’m not really understanding what you are telling me. This is what I have so far:


Are you saying I should replace my Get Transaction Item with Get queue item? How would I do the last part you are mentioning? Including a condition if there are no more transaction items.

I really like program and I see huge potential in it but I am very very new to this so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

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No worries
We can use REFRAMEWORK tenplate and I hope that the PDD would recommend the same
As there we can find this in get Transaction data state
Kindly try once with that and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @

Would it be contained in the following files?


Ha I am trying to open them and it says the files are invalid

never mind the files now open. Let me try looking in them. It should be in one of these?

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We can find in get Transaction data xaml in Get Transaction Data state
Cheers @Asanka


I took a look at the file but I’m still not catching on. You don’t happen to have a completed version of exercise 8 I could take a look at do you? I think its the only way I will get this.

finally figured it out! Thanks for the guidance!