Assignment 2: Process finished due to no more transaction data error (Performer)

Dear All,

I have completed the dispatcher workflow in relation to Assignment 2 and the work items are updated in the orchestrator successfully. As below:

I have also prepared workflow for Performer and have tested individual sequences within it. The only error I am getting it I am unable to get the queue item. I tried applying the solution mentioned in other topics but its doesn’t work and still I am getting the same error. As below:


I am attaching my Get Transaction workflow GetTransactionData.xaml (6.6 KB)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @mayur.upadhyay,

Hope this could help you:

Check the point below related to your worklow:

  • The outputfield of get queue itemsa activiy is empty.

  • The type of the out_TransactionItem argument is QueueItem. What activity do you want to use, Get Queue Items activity or Get Transaction Item?

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Hello Susana,

I tried using that as well but the output queue item supports only IENumerable of Queue item.


I am trying to get the queue item from the orchestrator. Please advise. Do let me know in case if any additional clarification is needed.

Hi mayur,

Can you check once your sending exact queue name in proprieties file which is used in orchestrator.
Please find below screenshot.

Hello @mayur.upadhyay,

The type of the output field for the get queue items activity is IEnumerable
The type of the output field for the get transaction item is queue item.

I think you have change too much the original flow of the GetTransactionData.xaml from the ReFrameWork template. If I were you I would check it!

The original flow of this xaml looks like below:

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