Option strict on disallows implicit conversations from boolean to string

Hi all,
I’m getting this error while using assign activity where i have to use get text activity and trying to pull that value in if block by creating assign activity and giving message box in if block.
Can anyone please help me to solve this error


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Try yourbooleanvariable.ToString()

If this does not aolve please tell in whicha ctivity you are getting this and show what you are pasing and getting out



Convert the variable to specific type based on your need

If Boolean to String:


If String to Boolean:


Thank you.

Hi @Anil_G

Am working on a web application where i need to get a text particular text from dropdown.

So,In my work flow am using first get text activity and i want fetch this value in if block. If get text value is present in the drop down it’s value will be true or else false.
So, i took assign activity and passing the output of that get text into assign activity.
While passing value of get text into assign activity am getting this error

Am not using element exist before if block.
Am using get text before if and i want to fetch that value in if block.
So, while passing value of get text in assign activity am getting this error


Get text will get the value but it would not say true or false…you have to check first with element exists or after getting text you can use IsNullOrEmpty(variable) to check if a value is returned or not( this gives true or false)

So in if condition if you are using eement exists directly pass the output …if you are using get text then use IsNullOrEmpty(variable) or if you want to check for particular text then variable.contains("text")

Hope this helps


In addition to what @Anil_G mentioned, please have a look on the below thread to understand more on retrieving value(s) from dropdown.

Thank you.

Thanks @Anil_G

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Thanks @Jobin_Joy for sharing the video

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