Getting issue with get text activity

Hi team,

I have used get text to get the text login
And later I used if condition and put that login variable in if condition .

After I run it says option strict disallowed implicit conversion from string to boolean…

What is the variable type for get text ?


Hi, the output type of get text is string

Yeah i tried that also …for string itself I am getting that error


can you share what was the condition you have passed in if activity

I just gave the variable of get text …i.e loginbutton

If you want to just Verify Login Screen is Visible or not You can use Element Exist Or Check App State.

Or You want to Get the Text If you are facing Problem then you can try Get Attribule and Choose aaname or in Classic “text”.

Happy Automation.


for if activity you need to put boolean values




pass this condition in if activity

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