Option strict on disallows implicit conversations from string to Boolean

Hi, Am new to UiPath. Am getting this error.
I used get text and i have to highlight that if that value is avaiable on the screen

Hi @shehenaz_Begum2 and welcome to the Forum
You can use Element exist activity, that would give you a boolean indicating if the element is present or not.


if activity will look for boolean value, so if you have string variable you will need to add any kind of validation or function that returns a boolean value for example


or also if you need to look for any element exist you can use the element exist activity or also the Check App State Activity


The condition of an If requires a boolean value, true or false. You are giving it a string value.

What you want is to check if that string has a value and you do that with…


This will be true if it has no value, false if it has a value.

All that being said, you should do the free training on the UiPath web site. It teaches you these things.