How to get dropdown text value?

how to get dropdowntext value in uipath ? for example I wanted to get the X value from the dropdown example below. I tried get text but it did not work. Thanks

thanks for any idea.

in the most cases find children for retrieving all values did help
depending on the element get text or get attribute (attribute value, text field, selected, select element) can retrieve the single value. Here a quick analysis in uiexplorer does help

Hi @Jelrey

Please refer this video

@ppr I want to get the current value on the dropdown, I dont need all the values bro , I only need the current value of the dropdown

… can retrieve the single value, bro this case was also mentioned. Just read again

I tried get text it is not working

Did you analyzed with UiExplorer? Which element did you used for?

Bro, we also mentioned get attribute.

Hi @Jelrey

For extraction of all text in drop-down

Use get attribute and check out inner text attribute and it’s value ( mostly it contains all drop-down values seperated by spaces )

Then use spilt operation to split the innertext by space and by this u will all the drop-down text values