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Hi all,

I need to get a value from an application so I have used get text activity and the output I have put a variable named output.

The output is a string variable.

Now I need to pass that output in if condition. How do I do that.
As if condition accepts only Boolean variable

Can anyone please help me

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in if activity you can pass the condition as


or like way you can give condition

an If activity expects a boolean as an outcome or variable

lets assume we want to check if a string contains a particular substring


will return a Boolean and will work within the condition

What you want to do / check within the if?

Hi @hanviprebday

You can try this


Hi @hanviprebday

Based on the required condition, you can use

For example


It Checks whether the keyword is contains in the string or not

Hope it helps!!

Thank you it’s working

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