Open websites in google

Hi everyone,

I met a problem with activity “open browser”, when I set the ‘browser type’ to google , the error info “Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.” occurred; but open with IE is ok.
As you can see from the picture, the uipath extension is already installed and enabled, but the error still occurred. Is anybody here can help me ? Thank you very much.

is it a work laptop?
then there are chances that the system is not having the group policy updated. you can update that with the help of IT, or may be using gpupdate -f

you may try installing the extension using command prompt, few instances it has worked in such situation

Extension for Chrome (

I followed your advice. Reinstalled the extension by command and updated the policy, the error still occurred. In addition, I found that I can not add value to ‘NativeMessagingAllowlist’, and open policy page ‘NativeMessagingBlocklist’. Any idea?


Could you share a screenshot of the Open Browser activity’s properties, please? You said you set the BrowserType to google, but want to confirm that you’re meaning the value is set to BrowserType.Chrome.

Also, have you tried using the Use Application/Browser activity instead? Do you get the same error?

our sounds an issue or sync problem related to group policy updates.

That happens when the VPN is quite unstable.

Try getting it confirmed that group policy are updated for your device and check. Take help from IT, else you can do it using gpupdate -f

I didn’t find this activity “Use Application/Browser”

The Use Application/Browser activity is part of the Modern Design activities which you can show by changing the filter in the activities pane.

From your screenshot nothing seems to be out of place however. I’m sure you’ve already looked through the documentation but incase you haven’t, does this help?


I don’t have this activity in my Studio. Also, the process “ChromeNativeMessaging.exe” did not run in the background, i don’t know why. I’ll take another look,thank you very much.