Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension

Hello All,

I am getting an error with UiPath studio and Chrome Extension not working: Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension I have already reinstalled the extension multiple times, reinstalled UiPath Studio and followed the documentation located at these links:

I troubleshooted inside the Registry Editor and everything checked out but still cant see the ChromeNativeMessaging.exe process running in task manager under Chrome.


  • Studio Community Edition 2019.7.0
  • UiPath Web Automation Chrome Extension 9.0.6821

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :pray:

kindly try with other browser
Cheers @flexlutherr

That is not an option at the moment unfortunately. :frowning:


Hey try this

  • remove the installed chrome extension
  • close uipath studio and robot from task manager
  • run uipath again
  • start a new project
  • from manage extensions select chrome and add the extension.

Hope it will work.


@rimsha03 tried this but not fixing the problem. When I indicate element inside chrome I get an error informing me the extension is not enabled but when I checked inside chrome it is enabled. Also, still dont see the process running under chrome in task manager either.

@flexlutherr have you added the extension through studio or downloaded externally. Please make sure youre using the right extension.


Thank you for this. I was at the point of banging my head against the table after the update, wondering what happened.

Hey @khordination, so what was your solution to this? i have the same problem, please help.

This answer might not help but as a recommendation use always internet Explorer. Not just in Uipath but for any RPA tool the most reliable browser so far is IE.

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Hi @rmunro,
IE is the most reliable but Microsoft does not have support for that anymore. If enterprise has an issue with IE then unfortunately you are on your own. So other browsers are also crucial.
Rahym S.

You could try another approch. Try to use Open application and then insert into. That will work without any error.

Try below steps:


Thank you. Problem resolved

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Hello Allan and everyone who is stuck with this error. On Wednesday, using Firefox, my script worked fine. On Thursday, I got the error:
“open browser cannot communicate with the browser please check the uipath extension”.
I don’t know what changed. I tried many other solutions until I finally tried Allan’s.
After I added the 'Open Application" activity, I got a new error: “Cannot find UIElement.”
Then I reverted back to ‘Open Browser’ (Firefox) Activity and now everything works. Thank You!

After installing the extension, did you activate it?

Based on my experience, it seems that it’s related to a compatibility issue between the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and newer versions of Chrome. I don’t know the exact version compatibility.

I have found that updating the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities to the latest (or at least a later) version has resolved the issue.


If you’re using Chrome in Incognito mode and getting this error and nothing above works, try enabling these 2 settings in the UiPath Chrome extensions when you click on “Details”.

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Strangely enough, I received the same error for Chrome when I tried to use the Navigate To activity with an unset or empty variable.

It happened when I tested this portion of the Workflow without first setting the variable.
Similarly, I received the same error when I invoked this Workflow and passed an empty string to the argument.

Re-installing Chrome fixed the issue for me!

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