Open Browser does not work with 'Blank Page' on IE

Hello, all of you

I got a problem with ‘Open Browser’ Activity

This bot is working very long time (about 40 hours…)
But, after 30 hours, it does not work at ‘Open Browser’ Activity
When the browser opens, it opens ‘Blank Page’, not URL
I used ‘Open Browser’ Activity on IE and I don’t know what the problem is…
How can I fix it…?
Give me opinions please. Thanks


Could you please run the workflow in debug mode and see once.

Just use open browser activity and pass URL to check whether it’s working or not.

As you said it’s working long time around 30 hours and may be because of that also it got stuck. If possible kill the IE browser and again reopen when ever you are trying to re open it.

Hi there…

Sometimes clearing cache helps. Try killing the process, clear the cache (or run a command line that clears everything) and check whether the browser works properly and launches the intended URL.

Maybe try and debug whether correct URL is being passed. OR maybe start a new session with every URL and kill the older/already worked upon windows of IE.

Hope this helps.

Regards :slight_smile:

Thanks your reply

I made it just like… you said

If I got ‘Blank Page’ on IE, then kill the IE browser and reopen browser… repeatedly
But it does not work…

And something strange…is…
When this problem occurs, I stop the bot and I (Human) open IE browser directly… it works !!!
So, I started Bot again…but it does not work again…:sob:

Or… Is there something problem because of ‘Robot Policy’ on Web Site…??

Thanks for your help !

I didn’t make ‘clearing cache’ module yet.
I’ll try that and reply again ! maybe… 2days later…? because I should wait 30 hours again !!:rofl:

Thanks !
Regards !

Great tell me whether it works, lets analyze it if that doesn’t work.

I hope you have all permissions enabled in internet options.


Hi, Again.
I did a test with making clearing cache module…
But, it doesn’t work.
RPA died because of ‘Blank page’ IE… after about 20hours…

I should find other way to solve this problem…

Do you have other way…? :sob:



So what II understand is it doesn’t throw exception but the bot doesn’t launch the URL that you intend to. Can you log those URL values that you are trying to open so that you can be sure that the URL is not coming in as empty or some other garbage value?

Do this and get back to me we can eliminate issues one by one.

  1. Instead of closing the application every time do a kill process of Internet explorer along with clearing cache (of cousre ActiveX and scripting should be enabled in the internet options)
  2. Refresh browser before closing/killing the process during retries.

Please tell me the UiPath version that you are using and make sure your IE is updated to the latest.

Regards :slight_smile:

Same issue. Looking for a solution.
Thank You

I found same problem.

Please guide me for solve it.