Server URL Time out

Hello, I want to open a browser URL, but when I am trying to open a browser URL with “Open browser Activity”. I am getting Time out issues on the page. Can any one suggest me how to do that



Manually are you able to open that page ? Could you please show me screenshot of open browser Activity once and want to see how you are passing URL.

I don’t have screen shot with me, But I just want to know how to handle if i get this type of error message saying “server time out”

Server time out, you mean the URL is not being opened right @NikhilRPA? You want to handle if the URL working or not, then use ELEMENT EXISTS activity to check if the logo or any other constant thing after opening the URL. If the element exists, then make your bot to continue further, else use stop the bot

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You can use Element Exists Activity or Text Exists Activity to check if your web page display SERVER TIME OUT error.

Karthik Byggari


Yeah thank you ELEMENT EXISTS Activity helps me to find the logo and than bot continues from there if time out error comes I handled of killing the process.

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