Open Browser: Cannot communicate with IE

When i’m trying to open any website using open browser activity, it is throwing an error (’" cannot communicate with IE "). I have seen previous solutions to this problem in forum and tried, BUT the issue is not solved.
- Version 2016.2.6232 (trial version)
Could anyone help…

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Hi there bhargav29494,
Firstly, can you confirm you have IE selected in the properties tab of your Open Browser Activity:

In addition, can you ensure you have IE turned on from within Windows Features.



Hi @bhargav29494,

I already had this problem before and after reinstalling IE, it started to work again with UIPath.

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That works :slight_smile:



I am getting the following error message while I am trying to open an IE browser:
Main has thrown an exception

Message: Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.

Source: Open browser

Exception Type: BrowserOperationException

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Hello @dhinesh110,
I got this problem earlier, but unfortunately i’am not able to solve this. So I used ‘Open Application’ instead of ‘Open Browser’ activity which is working fine. So I suggest, if possible try with ‘Open Application’ activity.

Hi @bhargav29494,

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative Privileges.
  2. Type Command: Regsvr32 OLEACC.dll.
  3. Hit Enter and you are ready to go.

Let me know.


Well @jiban sometimes it also does not fix the problem for me… It should be check @badita @Teodor_Hoaghea


Hi @jibanjyoti,
I tried that process for many times. For me it didn’t worked. so I tried with open application activity. Should be check if there is any other process.

Hi @aksh1yadav and @bhargav29494 This solution should work. I tried many times with different users.
Anyways lets wait for @badita. Your opinion is required. :slight_smile:
Please tell us the alternative solution for this.

Dude i have tried even more and it was but you never know when things will start falling :stuck_out_tongue:

I have experienced it many recently even-though i have tested workaround but still i m eager to listen from their side :slight_smile:


So what is your suggestion? @aksh1yadav :slight_smile:

I don’t know. OS version? ServicePack?

As a workaround, though I don’t like to recommend this, have you tried Chrome?

Thank you!! Its working fine…

I use in XAML file open browser activity set as chrome but it was run in the “chromium” why?

And throws an error too ?